The Village Nomads at the 2012 Villages' Outdoor Expo

About Us

Our members are a friendly group of riders who, while retired from the workforce, are definitely putting in some overtime enjoying life and the joys of safe riding.  We come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Ride all types and makes of bikes, as well as all experience levels, from the new biker, to the biker that has been on the road for years. 

We are over 300 members strong and growing.  Each month, the club sponsors several scheduled rides from all day affairs to great places, to weekly Breakfast and Lunch rides, as well as scavenger hunts, horseshoe tournaments and softball games for great fun!  The golfers in the group have an annual golf outing and the Party Lovers in the group pack the house at our annual Nomad Holiday Party!

We Nomads are proud of our "Road Kill" Chili`, which won us THREE fine trophies in hot and heavy competition sponsored by the local Rotary Club. One member even said it also made a great chrome polish for his bike, although it was a little rough on the paint and he is now getting 25 more miles to the gallon on his bike! And, it isn't always 'just about us'...

We actively support any ride that can help others in our area and also outside such as Patriot Guard rides, Hospice center rides where we roll in and see all the patients outside waiting for us to ride in. When we see the smiles come over their faces it give us a great feeling, Nursing home rides, Wreaths Across America, Help them call home campaign. Another great campaign that gives our service men and woman free calling cards so they can call there family from overseas....We have also done many jobs for Habitat for Humanity St. Jude, We actively collect food for people in need in our area at every meeting....And as long as we can, we hope to continue this and many more things we can help with.....We also bring in our own Village Football Team, The Buffalo's at every home game....Our motto is Ride Safe and always Ride with Pride..........

 Come Join Us....We welcome new members!

Monthly meetings are held at Alamanda Rec Center, the first Monday of each month at 7 pm. 

George Kuiper -President


Vice President - Nancy Briggs


Secretary - Becky Chianese


Treasurer - Barbara Deibel


Membership Chairperson - John Winberg


Jerry Deibel - Webmaster


Nomad Chaplin - Deacon John Rumplash


Sunshine Chairperson - Linda Poquette


Ride Committee Lead - Debbie Scotto


Safety Coordinator - Jack Haughn


Publicity Guru - OPEN  publicity@thevillagenomads.com

Scrapbook - Bill Denholm