Classified Ads





Our Ad Policy:

All website links must be approved by the Nomads' Board of Directors and Classified Ads are FREE under the following conditions:

  1. Advertisers must be a Nomad member in Good Standing
  2. Items for sale must be the personal property of the Nomad member
  3. Items must be related to motorcycling (as determined by the Nomads Board)
  4. The advertising member is responsible for providing notification for the removal of ad at the completion of sale
  5. All transactions are made, conducted, and concluded between the buyer and seller, this site acts only as an information bulletin board and make no guarantees regarding listed items.
  6. All adds will be removed after 90 days unless the advertising member emails the webmaster to extend for another 90 days. Note: If the item does not sell in 90 days please lower your price or make other adjusments, as some items for sale have been on this site for years.

How to Submit your Ad:

Send your Ad to webmaster@thevillagenomads.com  Your Ad must include your full name, E-Mail address and/or contact phone number, description of the item, and selling/asking price. While not necessary, if you would like to include a photo(s) of the item, please include them as an attachment to the    e-mail. (No more than 3 photos per item.)