Photo Gallery



5/25/16 Ron 'Grumpy' Hickman RideBy

9/25/16 Ballgame with LuckyUCycles

10/16 Ride to Destination Daytona

9/24/2016 Flighless Honor Flight

9/20/16 Ruleme Rehab Center

10/25/16 St Augustine

2/17 Ride to Conestoga & Jax

2/25/17 Honor Flight

9/30/2017 Flightless Honor Flight

1/20/18 Haystax Bkf ride

1/10/18 Damp Front Porch Bkf ride

1/26/17 Ride to Racing North

12/10/16 Christmas Party

12/10/16 More Christmas Party

More St Augustine Pics/

11/7/16 Gator Harley Fashion Show

11/16 Standing Ovations














Submitting photos to the Club's Photo page.

You must be a Nomad Member in good standing and the photos must relate to our Club's business which is motorcycling.

Include your name and a description of the "event" e.g. "Ride to <name>". Please include a brief description for each photo which will appear when the photo is displayed on the web.

For example, if it is a scenic photo, tell us what it is a scene of; if it is individuals, provide their names (first name) from left to right. When multiple individuals are in the photo and you only know the names of a few, give the name of the individual with a description of what he/she might be wearing or standing near, e.g. "John in the red hat" or "John next to the silver Harley".  Or if you prefer, don't give us any information and we can all try and figure out who or what it is a picture of.

When you are ready, send the photo(s) to webmaster@thevillagenomads.com as an email attachment. If you need to send more than one email, that isn't a problem as long as each email contains the "subject" of the photos i.e. "Ride to <name>".

If you’re looking for something that used to be here try looking at the Archive Page.  Older items have or will have been moved there to keep this and other pages current.  If you can’t find the item on the Archive page ask the webmaster if it is available some other place, maybe it was just removed and might be retrievable.