Ride Safety

Sucessfully complete a motorcycle safety course and you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of the price of the course.

Safety does Pay

MSF: Riding Videos. We must view and learn from the Safety Videos for our own safety, and the safety of our passengers and fellow riders!

To View Online: MSF Riding Videos 

  To View DVD or VHS:

E-Mail safety@thevillagenomads.com or Call 753-6879 for a copy


Pickup at Safety table at the monthly meeting


MSF - The Motorcycle Safety Foundation® is the internationally recognized developer of the comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System

Do you know how to Drive in a Roundabout ?

Click here a review Florida's Dept of Transportation update on driving in Roundabout. 


Click here for Sumpter County's Driving in a Roundabout

Articles:   (all documents are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat and need to install it, please click on this link Adobe Acrobat )


Road Safety Tips: 

Advanced Riding Rules and Tips

Do you know these hand signals

FL Motorcycle Helmet Exemption

Strategies for dealing with Aggresive Drivers

How to finesse a slow, tight turn

How to pick up your bike

MSF Hand Signals

Local Motorcycle Training Providers

Two-Up Gear

Personal protective gear MSF

Pre ride inspection T-CLOCS

Street Strategies

T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist

The Practice Guide

Read the Road Ahead

 "New" Florida Driver License Rules - Effective 10-1-2008

Riding Tips for "You and Your 3 Wheel Motorcycle"

Aging and Motorcycling

Rider Decisions

Reduce MC Crash RIsk


Motorcycle Clubs:

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 800-AMA-JOIN

National Lobby Organization for Motorcyclists.  If you join only one club this should be the one.

Honda Rider’s Club of America (HRCA) 800-847-4722 or through Honda dealer.

Harley Owners Group (HOG)

Kawasaki Good Time Owners CLub

Central Florida Ducati Club


Local Motorcyle Training Providers


Cermont Stormy Hill Harley-Davison



Eustis Florida Motorcyle Training of Lake County, Inc



Tavares All American Motorcycle Training LLC




Ocala Florida Motorcycle Training




Bushnell Highlands Professional Motorcycle Training